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Jazz FM is a digital radio station, based in Londo, United Kingdom owned and operated by Bauer media as well as its sister stations scala, magic, planet rock and greatest hits radio.

Their emission include musical genres such as jazz, soul and blues.

Slogan: Listen in Colour

Main Programs

  • Saturday Night Experience
  • The Aberdeen Discovery Show
  • Jazz Travels
  • Dinner Jazz
  • Jazz Notes

Main DJs

  • Mike Chadwick
  • Nigel Williams
  • Helen Mayhew
  • Peter Young
  • Sarah Ward
Catégories:  Jazz

Fréquences Jazz FM

Londres: 91 FM

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01:00 - 03:00Full Circle - With Ruth Fisher
03:00 - 06:00Jazz, Soul and Blues
06:00 - 10:00Weekend Breakfast - With John Osborne
10:00 - 14:00Jeff Young
14:00 - 17:00Anne Frankenstein
17:00 - 19:00Blues & Boogie - With David Freeman
19:00 - 21:50The Sarah Ward Collection
21:50 - 00:00Somethin' Else - With Jez Nelson

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Website:  www.jazzfm.com/

Addresse: One Golden Square London W1F 9DJ gb 0207 434 1215

Email: info@jazzfm.com

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