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Attention!!! Everybody be sure to sign up for the all new Vamp Football League! We have openings for both players and fans! If football isn't your game, we also have a new Pogo Fight League to join or you can sign up to beta test out brand new SmartBalls™. With Halloween right around the corner, we also reminisce about our favorite candy. We also examine our love lives and try to forge stronger bonds with the world around us. As a bonus this week, enjoy some sweet pogo-stick action shots: Thanks to Alexander Gallows for our theme music! Check him out on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram (@alexandergallows), and Twitter (@a_gallows) Hungry for more? We do, somehow, have social media! Check out Blackbox on: Twitter - @blackboxcast  Instagram - @instablackboxcast  Facebook- Blackbox Podcast  Reddit Email us ideas and feedback at Listen on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or your favorite podcast app!

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