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Welcome to English Speeches. We are a Youtube Channel over 1 Million subscribers. Here you can listen to all the speeches provided on our channel or website. The main idea in this podcast is helping English students to practice their listening and reading. You can also get more content on our website. It's an excellent resource for our subscribers, English students, and English Teachers who need a reliable, and good quality content.

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Learn English with Psy. PSY is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and record producer. He has experienced such soaring success with his internationally recognized hit Gangnam Style. In this Speech to the members of The Oxford Union, he talks about his inspirations while growing up, his career’s shaky beginnings, and events that have shaped his life up until now. In this Speech, he also quotes: “So what I thought was as a twelve-year-old artist that was part of my job, to just make fun. By music, by dance, by video.”

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