Learn English through Art - Arty Anglais

Learn English through Art - Arty Anglais

Learn English through Art - Arty Anglais

Learn English through Art is a podcast by Arty Anglais about everything related to art, culture, society and personal development to help people learn English naturally. This is a listening resource with a free transcript that can be found on our website www.artyanglais.com/podcast

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Welcome to Episode 16 of The Arty Anglais Podcast. A podcast where we talk about art, culture and society to help you learn English naturally. You'll hear me talk about interesting topics, English expressions and English grammar in a different way so you can learn English in context.  My name is Tara and I am an English and Art teacher and I teach English and Art together to kids and teenagers, and I teach English to adults also. I love everything to do with art. I am a curious and creative teacher and an artist myself, so I love being able to bring these curiosities and fascinations with the creative world to my students. I also love speaking to artists and creative people about their stories and what they do.  I don't talk about just art history or the old art masters, the painters. Here I talk about what's going on now in the world around me about art.  Today I'm excited to share the second in a series of a few episodes about comics. In this second episode, I talk to Will Pleydon the artist of the comic Cul-de-sac. I spoke to the author Andrew in the previous Episode so if you haven't already heard it, check that one out too.  CuldeSac links : Comixology Facebook page I also share an artist statement from Will Pleydon and you can find his links here  Will Pleydon ArtWill Pleydon Instagram Will Pleydon Etsy   In the interview with Will I talk about his: History with comics and background in drawing Inspirations for drawing including some of the artists that have inspired him The materials he uses How he stayed motivated while making the comic  The characters and the process between the artist and author Some of the other art he creates You'll find the transcript for today's episode here along with vocabulary and a downloadable PDF booklet with some sample images from the comic and the full list of expressions and vocabulary. You'll need to sign up to be a member of the site but it's free to do so and we'll keep all your private information safe. Next time, we'll talk to Will Pleydon, the artist from the Comic. You can Follow Arty Anglais InstagramFacebookiTunesSpotifyYouTube (Podcast Episodes)

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