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Learn English through Art & Design

Learn English through Art - Arty Anglais

Learn English through Art is a podcast by Arty Anglais about everything related to art, design, architecture & culture to help creative people learn English naturally. All our episodes come with vocabulary and a transcript on our website www.artyanglais.com/podcast

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In today's episode, I'm talking about the secret of being a better designer (and a better language learner)- by noticing more. This is based on a video I watched by Tony Fadell: The First Secret of Design is Noticing. I really liked a lot of what he said so I'm going to discuss some of the things he talked about in relation to being a good designer but also how you can take some of the things he discussed can also apply to your language learning. In today’s episode I’m also going to give you some good examples of expressions and phrasal verbs related to noticing. You can find the transcript for todays episode at www.artyanglais.com/podcast You’ll need to sign up as a member but it’s free to do so.

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