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FIPP Insider Podcast takes a look at how the media industry is being shaped by culture, technology and emerging business models. It is published by FIPP – Connecting Global Media and presented by journalists and podcasters Charlotte Ricca and Ashley Norris, who have written extensively about media and technology. In each episode they are joined by industry experts and thought leaders, and ask the questions you want answered. Established in 1925, FIPP – Connecting Global Media, is one of the world’s leading media trade bodies, with a membership comprised of professional content creators.

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In the fourth episode of FIPP Insider podcast we take a look at what is set to become a huge issue for publishers and media companies in the coming years - climate change.

FIPP recently delivered a report on climate change, in collaboration with UPM Communication Papers, and in this episode many of the topics discussed in that publication are unpacked here.

Many issues concerning print publishers around sustainability, such as using recycled paper or changing  the way that magazines are packaged, are a clear way forward. But what of digital only media companies? What can they do to combat climate change, especially in an era in which many of their staff are not working directly from company offices.

In this episode of FIPP Insider we hear from Edie Lush, writer, broadcaster and editor/ presenter of the Global Goalscast podcast, who is an authority on sustainability issues. She paints a picture of what the world might look like if companies don't take action.

John Wilpers, publisher of the annual Innovation in Magazines World Report, has extensively studied and considered how media companies should respond to sustainability questions. In this episode he presents three reasons why companies need to change.

Tom Reynolds is the production director of TI Media, a company that has put sustainability at the centre of its agenda. Here he outlines his company's strategy for both print and digital titles.

Henrik Thøgersen of Adundas Medier, is a Danish based consultant, offering advice to publishing companies who want to address sustainability. Here he offers some prescient advice citing companies who have adopted innovative and groundbreaking strategies.

Finally we hear from Stefanie Eichiner, manager sustainability at UPM Communication Papers. She outlines why the company worked with FIPP on the report, highlights some of its key findings and paints a positive picture of how print based companies can evolve successfully and sustainably in the future.

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