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Holistic Sex Ed Radio

Robin LaCross

It is often said that sex is one of the most challenging topics for couples to discuss effectively. If this is true, then how can we EVER hope to feel comfortable when it comes to talking to our kids about sex? We feature a wide variety of topics to help parents have meaningful conversations with their kids about growing up, teen sex, healthy relationships and staying safe in our rapidly changing world. Each episode is full of practical information you can implement right away. Our guests give you food for thought, things to consider and strategies to help you get the results you want. You’ll feel more prepared and less stressed for the conversations that matter most. Kids need your help to successfully navigate these taboo topics so that they can acquire the tools and skills they need to create healthy relationships and lay a solid foundation for a life of their dreams. Follow Holistic Sex Ed Radio on your favorite podcasting platform.

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When a teenage girl decides to have sex, it’s only a matter of time before she actually has sex. The desire to have sex is a normal and natural part of growing up.

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