Hey VIZZIONATORS, welcome back to another milestone of our journey to relax and entertain the world! 🌍 We will publish new content three times a week here, so that you can enjoy them without paying attention to the videos. ✨ (Publishing at: 9PM CEST) For all the people who are new to this channel, here: we are 2 guys doing relaxing videos (called ASMR). Our main channel is YouTube, feel free to check it out. Just look for: VIZZION ASMR. If you are interested in Paul's and Gusti's life, check their Instagram Accounts: 👉🏼Paul: @paulmxller ( 👉🏼Gusti: @gusmaster2000

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"THE ASMR PODCAST by VIZZIONASMR provides you with high-quality ASMR (АСМР, 音フェチ) audio content for deep relaxation. It relaxes you, helps to fall asleep faster and provides you with a better sleep! Tingles guaranteed! ASMR or "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response“ describes a pleasurable tingling sensation in the scalp or spine triggered by various stimuli. " #asmr #sleep #tingles #trigger #bettersleep #vizzionasmr

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