The Best Movies You've Never Seen

The Best Movies You've Never Seen

Trevor Long & Stephen Fenech

Stephen Fenech is the movie buff. Trevor Long hasn't seen any great movies. Together they re-watch some great movies and unpack what they liked or not about each one.

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Al Pacino stars as the Cuban refugee who has eyes on much bigger things. His Mate Manny is Steven Bauer while Michelle Pfeiffer stars as the woman that catches his eye. It's a long movie with a story to tell, which Stephen remembers from the days of VHS - but Trev's never seen. So, enjoy it for the first time, or the 50th - doesn't matter, Scarface, on Fetch via your Hisense TV!

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    Thu, 22 Feb 2024
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    Thu, 01 Feb 2024
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    Thu, 25 Jan 2024
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