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Green IO with Gaël Duez explores how to reduce the environmental impact of our digital world. Twice a month, on a Tuesdays guests from across the globe share insights, tools, and alternative approaches, enabling all responsible technologists, within the Tech sector and beyond, to build a greener digital world, one byte at a time.

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🔎 What are the main angles to be covered when you truly want to design, run, and sometimes decommission, software, in the greenest possible way? 🎙️ In this episode, Sara Bergman, a seasoned software engineer and one of the acclaimed co-authors of the O’Reilly book “Building Green Software” joins Gael Duez to discuss the book, and more specifically the chapters on AI, measurements, and hardware. Some takeaways: 💻 Software people’s responsibility in utilizing hardware 🌡️ Concept of temperature-aware computing ☁️ Importance of major cloud providers 🌱 Some follow-up on the discussion on carbon-aware vs grid-aware computing for more effective environmental impact

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