The Bonjour Baby Podcast

The Bonjour Baby Podcast

Leslie Abraham

Bonjour Baby is a podcast about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and motherhood. Hosted by Leslie Abraham, DO, certified pre/postnatal exercise specialist and expert in the pregnacy and postpartum field for the last 11 years, this podcast is your companion during your motherhood journey. Leslie provides evidence-based tips, resources and information backed up by her international experience. She welcomes other guests, speakers and experts to bring you even more helpful content. In the show, Leslie and her guests talk about pregnancy, conception, all types of birth, newborn care, preparing for birth, bonding with baby, postpartum recovery and life, body image and so much more! Disclaimer: this podcast doesn't intend to diagnose and/or treat any medical conditions, or give medical advice.The host is not a healthcare professional and doesn't intend to replace the recommendations given by your healthcare team. The purpose of this podcast is only recreational, informational, and to give you helpful resources on your pregnancy and motherhood journey.

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Today, Dr Rachel Redmond, Dr of Oriental Medicine, is coming to the show. We will be talking about sitting the month, and some bits of wisdom from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Rachel Redmond is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Ayurvedic practitioner specializing in women’s health and self-care. She is the Founder of The Yin Way, an online program designed to help busy people and moms improve their health while still prioritizing their self-care. She helps her clients maximize their potential without burning out. In this episode, Rachel and I talked about: 🤱 What is sitting the month: where does it come from? What is the reason behind this cultural postpartum healing process? 🤱 What does it look like? What does the everyday routine look like when sitting the month? 🤱 How to apply these principles to our western civilization and society? Especially in places where maternity leave is barely an option Connect with Rachel Redmond: 👉 Website: and learn about her Yin Way Program 👉 Instagram: Links mentioned in this episode: 🔗 Majka website: use coupon code BONJOURBABY for 10% off 🔗 Jolly Mama website: use coupon code AF_ABRAHAML for 15% off Rate, Review and Follow on Apple Podcasts. If you’re thinking to yourself “I love this podcast”, please consider rating and reviewing my show! This helps me support more Moms and women like you, take back control of their health and body, and embrace this new chapter of their life with confidence. Click below, scroll down to the button, tap to rate with 5 stars and select “write a review”. Let me know what you loved the most about this episode! To stay up to date with all the episodes dropping every Thursday at 7am pst, make sure to subscribe otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll miss out! Now I have some sweet gifts for you: 🎁 If you gave birth weeks, months, or even years ago, you want to check out this free resource I have for you. Do you wonder how you can get rid of the mommy pouch, stop peeing your pants, heal your diastasis recti, and simply feel better in your body (not like you’re ending up into someone else’s body!). I got you covered. Discover my step-by-step, science-based program recommended by OBGYNs, PTs and DOs: 🎁 Join my FREE Community, The Bonjour Baby Club, where I share exclusive content, diving deeper on each episode, and get more tips and free resources to heal your body the right way, find yourself as a new mom, and finally feel like yourself again: 🎁 Want to chat about everything postpartum? Wonder if what you’ve been doing so far is really helping your body recover? Don’t really see results and don’t know what to do? Book your free 30 min consultation with me today: 🎁 Discover the Postpartum Body Solution. A 12-week self-paced online program designed for Moms like you who want to take back control of their health, and body, support diastasis recti and core healing, stop peeing their pants, and feel like their old selves again. 👋 Say hi on Instagram:

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