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Hip-Hop Request is an online radio station exclusively focused on playing the best selection of R&B and Hip-Hop hits. It live streams 24/7 worldwide.

Hip-Hop Request is a radio station made by and for Hip-Hop/R&B lovers and invites listeners to actively interact with the station through music request, thus working as a platform where fans can discover new artists and music and choose what they want to listen to. 

Catégories:  R&B, Hip Hop

Top Chansons

7 derniers jours:

1. Olga Tañón - Es Mentiroso

2. Aventura - El Perdedor

3. Grupo Gale - El Amor de Mi Vida "Se Fue"

4. Eddy Herrera - Como Hago

5. Erre XI - Carita Bonita

6. El Monje - Pensando en Ti (feat. Román)

7. La Linea - Si Me Dejas No Vale

8. Catherine - Calma Este Dolor

9. Aventura - Mi Corazoncito

10. Eddy Herrera - Cómo Diablos

30 derniers jours:

1. The Lebron Brothers - Que Pena 'La Contestación'

2. Unknow Artist - Train Track

3. Hnos Yaipen - Lárgate

4. Olga Tañón - Es Mentiroso

5. Aventura - El Perdedor

6. Eddy Herrera - Cómo Diablos

7. Grupo Gale - El Amor de Mi Vida "Se Fue"

8. Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Padre Nuestro

9. Thalia - Isla Para Dos

10. Alexis & Fido - Sudao (feat. Zion y Lennox)


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Téléphone: (978) 566-9067

Email: station@hiphoprequest.com

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