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5 Live's science podcast, featuring Dr Chris and Naked Scientists with the hottest science news stories and analysis.

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Dr Chris Smith and the Naked Scientist team present the latest science news, analysis and breakthroughs,

In this week's episode...scientists unveil prehistoric cases of Down’s syndrome, but how did they find them? How whales really produce whale songs and the famous fake fossil that foxed palaeontologists for the best part of a century. Plus we’re taking a look at the so called “Forever Chemicals”…what are they? And how they might be damaging for us and the environment.

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  • 1193 - Whale songs, fake fossils and "Forever Chemicals" 
    Sun, 25 Feb 2024
  • 1192 - Dengue fever, sense of humour and fish skin 
    Sun, 18 Feb 2024
  • 1191 - Blueberries, cancer waiting lists and assisted dying 
    Sun, 11 Feb 2024
  • 1190 - Elon Musk's brain implants and the science of shipping 
    Sun, 04 Feb 2024
  • 1189 - Retinas, biological cells and pond skater insects. 
    Sun, 28 Jan 2024
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