Coconut Avenue (Singapore Properties by TFC)

Coconut Avenue (Singapore Properties by TFC)

The Financial Coconut

Coconut Avenue is the podcast for property investors, especially if you are new and driven trying to make properties your pot of gold! We bring on people with years of expertise in the market, real deal property investors that can give you insights rarely discussed in public. We believe there is an excess of sales bias in the property content out there today! So tune in as we dig the brains of these experienced and professionals and go in-depth on different property topics. Ultimately, we want you to make a more informed property decision.

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For any Singaporean looking to buy a property, CPF will definitely be part of the discussion but how exactly does CPF help us in our property purchase? From housing loan limits to accrued interest, let CPF representative Lynn explain and debunk some of the most common questions & misconceptions about using CPF in property purchases, including this: should I use cash or CPF to service my housing loan?

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The Financial Coconut (TFC) started out as a reaction to online fake gurus propagating over simplified "get rich quick" programs and grew out of a desire to share best practices regarding personal finance which turned into a network of content championing the idea of creating a life you love while managing your finances well.

Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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