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The Ramsey Show believes you can build wealth and take control of your life—no matter what stupid mistakes you've made with money. Join as Dave Ramsey and his team of experts answer your questions on the top problems holding you back. Listen now or ask your question live by calling 888.825.5225 weekdays from 2–5 p.m. ET. Learn more at

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Ken Coleman & Rachel Cruze answer your questions and discuss: Why combining money before you get married is a bad idea "Is my wife a princess for not wanting to work?" "Preparing to take on my girlfriend's debt?" "Am I being too stingy with vacations?" (Yes) "My lifestyle is completely unsustainable..." "Am I being irresponsible?" "Buy a home if it will double my housing cost?" "What should I do with my increased income?" "Can I use my emergency fund for daughter's quinceañera?" "How do I get ahead when my income is so low?" "Should I keep my whole life insurance?" "Should I move out of my parents' house?" "Sell rentals and primary to buy our dream home?" Have a question for the show? Call 888-825-5225 Weekdays from 2-5pm ET Support Our Sponsors: Balance of Nature DreamCloud Zander Insurance BetterHelp Neighborly Start your EveryDollar Free Account today: Click Here Cyber Monday Deals are here! Shop meaningful gifts for as low as $7 this week only!: Click Here Find a Ramsey Trusted Real Estate Agent: Click Here Want a plan for your money? Find out where to start: Click Here Listen to all The Ramsey Network podcasts: Click Here Interested in advertising on The Ramsey Show? Click Here Learn more about your ad choices. Ramsey Solutions Privacy Policy

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