Positive Enterprise Value

Positive Enterprise Value

Pete Worrell

Personal, unscripted interviews with high-performing Entrepreneurs from both for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises.

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Have you noticed, as I have, that some private companies successfully transition through all of the evolutions and revolutions they have over the years in leadership management, separate from leadership, even ownership? Some in changing environments end up with terrific new majority owners, moving gracefully into the next interesting and rewarding chapter of their lives, surrounded by friends with their positive legacy assured, and their independence powered by the fortune they just realized. Others’ outcomes can look more like a train wreck. Is it luck? Or is it more than that? We think it's more than luck, and for over 40 years I've had the fun of meeting with thousands of entrepreneurs and working closely with hundreds of them. So, in this podcast I interview some of the most high-performing, successful Entrepreneur Owners-Managers (EOMs) on the planet from both the for profit and not-for-profit sectors to learn about their experiences. Today I have the great fun of interviewing my friend Joe Polish. Joe almost needs no introduction, but 'm going to give you a little one anyway. He's the founder of Genius Network, one of the highest level CEO peer-to-peer groups in the world for entrepreneurs. Joe also has an organization called Genius Recovery, where his mission is to change the global conversation of how people view and treat addicts with compassion instead of judgment, and to find the best forms of treatment that have efficacy and share those with the world. Joe has taught me a lot about how the very character, the temperaments of EOMs working within this mass popular culture, can sometimes make us feel isolated, alone, and lonely, even. And how we are susceptible to reaching for self-medication. I had the fun of interviewing Joe online and talking about our businesses together. You'll hear us talk about some of the work we've already done together and some of the work that we are going to do together. Joe is also the author of a number of terrific books, the most recent of which is called What's In It For Them? (2022), a book that absolutely changed my life in terms of how to think about relationships, both personal and professional. I've been trying to get Joe on the Positive Enterprise Value podcast for over a year, so I'm thrilled that he's here with us today and I hope you enjoy every minute as much as I did.

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