Sasquatch Chronicles

Sasquatch Chronicles

Sasquatch Chronicles - Bigfoot Encounters

People are seeing something in the woods and there are too many reports for this to be ignored. Join us every Sunday night as we discuss recent Sasquatch sightings, encounters and talk to Bigfoot eye witnesses. Listen as we speak with researchers, witnesses and investigators to unravel the mystery of Bigfoot. Every week we will also bring you the latest Bigfoot news and information. Additional episodes and exclusive content can be found on our website Become a Member today and receive access to additional exclusive shows posted weekly, our full back catalog of episodes, the ability to comment on Episodes and Blog entries, and access to our Forums. For the latest news, please visit our Blog. We can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube.

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I will be interviewing Kelley Lockman. Kelley is an American actor, director and screenwriter. Born and raised in Georgia, Kelley's passion for film eventually led him to film school and then to acting. Kelley has appeared in various TV shows and films, including Tyler Perry's "A Fall From Grace." He has written and directed his own work and recently completed "A Sunset in Winter," in which he wrote, directed and starred.

He started a new project called I Believe in Bigfoot Project. You can watch the episodes on YouTube. Check it out here:

Kelley writes "We spoke a few years ago briefly. The Squatchwatchers made an introduction for me. At that time I was beginning the process of working on a documentary about Bigfoot. But since then things have gone a bit crazy! The path I started to go down led me into places I never expected and I’ve been able to document some truly amazing stuff! The story became so huge that its just too much for a movie. I am now releasing it as a series on YouTube and Rumble."

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