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Sound By Nature

Nature sounds for relaxation, stress relief, meditation, sleep, or whatever you like. Enjoy. Support this podcast:

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This was recorded on a cool and clear winter day while walking on the Pacific Crest Trail in Shasta-Trinity National Forest, Shasta County, California. The recording starts beside Butcherknife Creek, then follows the trail north to Water Strider Creek. The trail starts off covered in snow, which becomes increasingly patchy, then passes over mostly bare forest floor. It crosses a small stream and a creek as it winds it's way in and out of shady gullies through dense coniferous forest. 

I made this recording on the same day I recorded the previous episode. I set up a microphone beside Water Strider Creek, and while it recorded I hiked south to Butcherknife Creek, then made this recording on my way back. It was a beautiful day and I was very happy to get two recordings to share with you. I hope you enjoy them both!

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I really hope you enjoy this recording. Thank you for listening. Stay healthy, stay safe, stay sound.

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