Speaker Driven Business

Speaker Driven Business

Jacqueline Nagle

If you’ve done the courses, followed the people, and implemented ‘all the things’ without getting the speaking driven results you want…look no further. Tune in each week to learn from Jacqueline Nagle, a Fifth Generation Entrepreneur with a fiercely strategic brain who holds the global designation of Certified Speaking Professional and is a qualified Executive and Business Coach with C-Suite experience. Jacqueline’s strength is anchored in teaching others how to reposition themselves through the power of language and she has personally coached and trained 1000’s to step into their power by speaking, pitching and selling through her proprietary frameworks. Jacqueline has appeared in media more than 3,000 times, spoken on global stages, delivered keynotes for organisations including Marie Claire (Australia) Magazine, and delivered more than 180 workshops. She has worked as trusted advisor to executives in some of our largest organisations, and with the founders of dynamic rapid growth entrepreneurial pursuits to strengthen strategy, positioning, strategic sales and communications. Her training has been delivered to some of Australia’s major corporate brands including Tattersalls (The Lott, quadrupling their sales conversion rate) and her programs were picked up by the Australian Institute of Sport Olympic Medal Gold Medal Alumni Program in Canberra, where she was the Speaking and Facilitation Skills Mentor. In each episode, Jacqueline shares evidence based strategies, lessons and real-world insights that help YOU get whatever you want. No fluff. No nonsense. Answering the questions you don’t know who to ask. If you are committed to using speaking to create the breakthroughs you know you deserve – to shift from being unheard of to in demand - across all your business life, subscribe now.

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Are you constantly struggling to embed yourself into the memory of your audience? Are you wondering why speaking referrals come by so infrequently? If you nodded along to these questions, then you must stick around to find out exactly how you can repeatedly draft impactful speeches for your audiences. To connect and learn more about creating a Speaker Driven Business connect with Jacqueline on LinkedIn. You can also follow Jacqueline on Instagram.

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