Relaxing Nature Sounds

Relaxing Nature Sounds

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Having trouble sleeping? Need some calming sounds while you write? Relaxing Nature Sounds are soundscapes designed for meditation, relaxation, sleeping, and other activates where you need natural ambience in the background. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube Music, and most other podcast providers.

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Picture yourself strolling barefoot down an old dock onto the sand. The summer crowds have long since left.  You sit down near the waves and watch the place where water meets shore. Relax and close your eyes. Let the sounds of the sea pull away your anxiety. Focus on the soothing sound of nature. Your heart rate slows. Everything is calm and serene.

Why I made this soundscape:

I started making these soundscapes for myself. I had a lot of anxiety during the pandemic and listening to stuff like this was the only way to drift off at 3 AM. Now, I’m thinking about stopping. We’ve made 70 soundscapes. Millions of people have listened to them. And I’m working on ascript for an underwater horror movie.

If you’d like to listen to more soundscapes by us, have a look at our album:

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  • 70 - By the Sea (for sleep) | 3 Hour 
    Fri, 08 Sep 2023
  • 69 - Morning Rain | 1 Hour 
    Sun, 13 Aug 2023
  • 68 - Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Feat Lady Zen) | 15 Min Reflection 
    Sun, 06 Aug 2023
  • 67 - Night Chorus | 1 Hour 
    Wed, 12 Jul 2023
  • 66 - Rainy Season Is Here | 3 Hours 
    Wed, 21 Jun 2023
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